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We coach leaders to harness the knowledge, skills and energy in their organizational networks. This means finding and nurturing the distributed leadership potential that lies dormant,  or worse is repressed in organizations.


Practicing what we preach, we aim to inspire, discover and engage a collective coaching wisdom and action base, through attracting experienced, ethical, committed coaches to join our network.


Become a Coaching Activist

Join us and become a coaching activist to achieve our aims:


  • To coach leaders to act in ‘good faith’ to create the ‘good society’
  • To use the power of coaching to transform how leaders lead, ‘one by one, organisation by organization’.


To join our formal coaching network requires training to become a Registered Analytic-Network Coach, the advantages of which are set out below. Contact us to find out more.


Advantages of becoming a Registered Analytic-Network Coach

  1. Increased Credibility. As an A-N coach you become part of a unique international network of coaches, certified to use this recognized, leading edge coaching System.
  2. Ability to Coach Senior Leaders. The A-N process is designed for leaders at all levels, up to CEO.
  3. Increased Business. Being an A-N Registered coach enables you to utilize the Analytic-Network Coaching™ website and online marketing materials, to market your own personal coaching business at no extra cost to you.
  4. Increased Income. More business and coaching at senior levels means an increase in income.  As the network grows, we envisage approaching global organisations to offer a consistent and exciting coaching process internationally.  You will be part of this offer.
  5. Successful Organizations: The A-N Coaching System™, helps you coach leaders to address the most pressing issues in the workplace today i.e. how to lead organizations in a networked, globalised world.
  6. Ethical Business.  A-N Coaches are not neutral agents.  We are explicit about and committed to our ethical aims, which is summed up by our aims: Coaching leaders to act in ‘good faith’ to deliver the ‘good society’.  When joining our network you are signing up to become a coaching activist, part of an ethical community of coaches.
  7. Join an Advanced International Coaching Network. Being an Analytic-Network Coach supports continuous personal development through peer discussions, sharing best practice blogs and events which support your ongoing learning.


To stay connected with our informal network of coaches and leaders, and received updates, coaching resources and training opportunities;  leave your email below.





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