Coaching as an Organizational Change Technology

Coaching is usually perceived as an individual development process.  Our research has led us to break the mould, and develop innovative new ways to harness the power of coaching as a new organizational change technology.


Our Approach

We utilize the ‘technology of coaching’ to design OD interventions that benefit the whole organization, working on culture change, developing distributed leadership and implementing strategic change.


Consistent and Coherent Coaching

Fed up with individual coaches doing their own thing?  One of the strengths of our approach is that we coach 20, 50, or 100 or more leaders across your organization, and ensure that the coaches work consistently to the organizational agenda, following our coherent methodology.


  • A-N coaches are trained to work with the individual, whilst keeping the organizational aims in mind.
  • All coaches are supervised, which ensures they are kept focused on the right agendas


A-N Coaching Hub

We establish a coaching hub, made up or our experts and a small project team from your organization, to design the intervention and then lead the research and data analysis, reporting back to the CEO and senior sponsor team.  Our hub manages the intervention from design to final reporting.


Your employees are the researchers!

Action-research takes place through harnessing your employees knowledge and their feelings as data.

Gaining access to generic themes that arise from individual coaching sessions (whilst protecting confidentiality) allows our coaching hub to undertake an organizational analysis, providing the organization with invaluable data and feedback:


  • A cultural audit on what’s really going on in the company.
  • Sharing best practice
  • Raising unforeseen, emergent challenges
  • Highlighting company hidden strengths
  • Discovering new business/service opportunities


This data coming directly from your employees is much more accurate and useful than an external consultancy report.



  • Personal leadership development is aligned to organizational culture change
  • We carefully match coaches and employees to ensure best fit
  • Cultural audit- you discover hidden strengths and hidden challenges that are shared in coaching sessions
  • The coaching approach is consistent and supervised
  • Taking leaders through a managed and supervised coaching process with an OD perspective gives you a critical mass of change agents, who can lead the company to new levels of success.


Our Organizational coaching approach, connects with our leadership development offers as we co-design with you whole-system change interventions.


Coaching and Leadership Consultation

For HR, OD leaders and senior managers who want to plan and implement effective leadership development and/or coaching interventions that have a systemic change effect.  We offer a consultation service that will save time and money, and help deliver great results.


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