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Latest Podcasts

Ep 29. Faith in Leadership with Krish Raval OBE

Ep 28. Psychoanalysis & Culture with Caroline Bainbridge

Ep 27. Neuropsychoanalysis with Mark Solms

Ep 26. Psychoanalysis and Organisations with David Armstrong

Ep 25. Whistleblowing with Professor Kate Kenn

Ep 24. Does accreditation undermine coaching quality?

With Daniel Doherty

Ep 23. Lynne Sedgmore CBE -

Women's Leadership: My Journey

Ep 22. Work is Absurd with Richard Claydon

Ep 21. Queer Culture with Lauren Levy

Ep 20. Humanising Organisations with Gianpiero Petriglieri

Ep 19. Teams:

The Heartbeat of Organisations with guest Tara Nolan

Ep 18. From the Barricades to the Boardroom with Chris Yates Chief Talent Officer at Ford Motor Company

Ep 17. Diversity and Inclusion:

Are you performing or reforming with Pooja Sachdev

Ep 16. A Voice from Egypt with Dina Hassan

Ep 15. Why coaching needs to change

with Professor Tatiana Bachkirova

Ep 14. Technology and Culture with Jeff de Klein

Ep 13. In Praise of the Flask - The Art of Living the Good Life

Ep 12. The Pleasures of Power with Jonathan Gosling

Ep 11. The Whiteness Paradigm with Michael Lindsay

Ep 10. Anarchism, Management and Social Change with Professor Martin Parker

Ep 9.  From Martin Luther King to Black Lives Matter

with Dr Kathy White

Ep 8  Developing Leaders with Manfred Kets de Vries

Ep 7.  Race and Society with Leslie Brissett. Part 2

Ep 6.  Identity, Race and Society with Leslie Brissett. Part 1.

S1. Ep 5. Pandemic Psychodynamics Russia

S1. Ep 4. Pandemic Psychodynamics India

S1. Ep 3. Pandemic Psychodynamics UK

S1. Ep 2. Pandemic Psychodynamics Australia

Series 1. Ep 1 Pandemic Psychodynamics USA


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